Binance Football Fever 2022: Share Over $1,000,000 Worth of Rewards

To celebrate the largest football event of the year, Binance Fan Token is hosting a Football Challenge — the “Binance Football Fever 2022” with more than $1,000,000 worth of rewards, including tokens, limited edition NFTs and more!

Binance Football Fever 2022 introduces a new utility feature for Binance Fan Tokens. Users can demonstrate their sports knowledge and make informed judgments on how football matches from 2022–11–20 to 2022–12–18 will unfold.

Binance Football Fever 2022 includes the following activities:

  • New User Bonus: Register to get up to $5 worth of token rewards
  • Daily Challenges: Join Daily Challenges and submit your entry for the results of the upcoming matches to win rewards
  • Leaderboard: Challenge your friends and global fans, win limited edition NFTs and meet star players

> How to Participate in this Challenge

Step 1 : Go to Challenge pages

Step 2 : Login to your binance account

Step 3 : Buy & Hold at least 1 Fan Token from 4 ( $LAZIO, $PORTO, $SANTOS, $ALPINE ) eg. im holding 1 $LAZIO to join.

Step 4 : Complete Daily Challenge ( Soon )

Step 5 : Claim your Football Fever Passport NFT ! Done

Daily Challenge Rewards

Submit Your Choice to Get Pride of Nations NFTs

In each match result submission, users choosing the correct scores will each get a Gold NFT, while users choosing the correct match winner will each get a Silver NFT. All other users participating in the Daily Challenge will get a Bronze NFT.

All the requirements in this airdrop have been completed congratulations, I hope you get it and be lucky to be the winner.

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