LayerZero Protocol Airdrop — How to Qualify Step-by-step Guide

Miss $2,000 $APT Aptos Network airdrop ? Previously, the Aptos Network shook the airdrop world, because they allocated a lot of their money only to be distributed to early adopters, testers and users of their network.

What Is LayerZero ?

LayerZero , as an omnichain protocol solution, raised more than $140M in total funding from behemoths like Sequoia and a16z.

For participation in ecosystem testing some liquidity is needed (we recommend at least $100 in any tokens). The upside potential for early adopters is huge, rewards could be measured in thousands of dollars.

Steps to get a potential airdrop 🎁 ? , Lest start reading

PART 1 : Discord Roles

First of all join Discord and be an active member of the community

1). Member Role: You’ll be rewarded with “Member” role just after joining guild.

2). veStaker: Staking more than 25 veSTG

  • Go to your favorite DEX and buy 126 $STG (Chain: Poly, Arbi, Op, Eth or BSC).

Suggested way to obtain STG

  1. Buy STG on Optimism, Polygon, or BSC via
  2. Bridge STG from Op, Poly or BSC to Arbitrum using Stargate bridge

Bonus: Most important than Discord role is the ability to take part in voting on proposals.

veSTG tokens will provide us voting power, that we can use on the Snapshot platform inside Stargate DAO. join DAO and vote on active proposals.

3). 100 STG: You need to hold at least 100 $STG on any of the chains, available on guild platform.

Note: We bought 126 STG in previous step, and used 26 STG for staking. So we’ve still left 100 STG in holding. So we already have access to this role.

4). 1K LP Farmer: You can get this role for providing $1K worth of any supported token to liquidity pool. The main thing here is not actually receiving a discord role but providing some liquidity into the pool. You can provide LP lower than $1K or more than $1K. (We recommend adding Minimum 100$)

  • Click on desired pool (We recommend using Arbitrum network assets.)
  • Enter the amount of tokens you would like to add liquidity into the pool.
  • After adding, click on “Go to farm” and start earning yield on your tokens by adding a stake.

PART 2 : Using Their Bridges

  1. Pontem Network’s LiquidSwap

Link : — Connect any EVM chain ($OP, $ARB, or Ethereum) and bridge some funds to Aptos, or vice versa.

2. Aptos Bridge by LayerZero

Link : — Similar to the above bridge

3. The Stargate Transfer

Link : — A link between EVM chains

4. On the Avalanche Network, BTC.b is a recently launched wrapped version of Bitcoin. BTC.b uses the LayerZero Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) standard to integrate Bitcoin seamlessly across all LayerZero-supported networks.

Link :

5. Harmony Bridge

Link : — Move any token from the EVM chain to the Harmony chain.

6. USDC Layerzero Bridge Bridge (Testnet)

Link : — Use the faucet to obtain some testnet $USDC — Make use of the bridge.

All the requirements in this airdrop have been completed congratulations, I hope you get it and be lucky to be the winner.


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