MetaMask Airdrop Confirmed? — Eligible criteria for airdrop token

About MetaMask

Are we sure airdrop will be confimed?

Also keep in mind that if an airdrop will eventually happen, since there are way too many users, it’s fairly predictable that they will do some sort filtering to lower the number of eligible wallets, but nobody currently knows what will actually happen, they could still do like Uniswap where everyone got their share of the airdrop equally.

How to Eligable for Metamask Airdrop ?

Create Wallet (Skip this step, if you already have)

  • First of all if you don’t have Metamask wallet yet, then visit on below link and Create a wallet. We don’t think we have to guide you for create wallet that’s very basics… xD

👉 Download Metamask wallet:

  • In order to proceed with below steps, you will need some tokens which you will use for swap and some to pay gas fees.
  • Deposit Token in your wallet is also very basic, Still if you don’t know then follow this Simply you have to copy your wallet address then you can send Tokes in this Address from any CEX like- Binance, KuCoin, Bybit etc. and you can also send from your any others wallet.
  • Before sending tokens make sure you have selected right Network while withdraw. If you are beginner then we will suggest you to deposit some token like $MTAIC and $USDC in Polygon Network.
  • Now after deposited funds in your wallet, You are ready to use below features 👇

Make a swap within MetaMask

  • Click on the “Swap” button
  • Select the token you want to “Swap from” option (On top) and Enter the amount of it you want to swap.
  • Select the others token in “Swap to” option (On bottom), which you want to swap in to from.
  • Click on “Review swap” and if everything feels right to you, then click on “Swap”.
  • Wait till the transaction is completed and once it will be complete, click on “Close”.

Good job, you just swapped some tokens using MetaMask!

Bridge funds using MetaMask Bridges

How does Metamask Bridges work?

What networks are supported?

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • BNB Smart Chain
  • Avalanche

What tokens are supported?

Which bridges are used?

How to use Metamask Bridge ?

👉 Bridge Link:

  • Click on “Connect MetaMask”
  • Select the network from which you want to move tokens
  • Select the token that you want to bridge
  • Input the details of the token (amount)
  • Pick the network to which you want to bridge the tokens
  • Assess the quote by clicking the drop-down arrow in the top right of the quote so you’ll be able to see estimated timings and fees.
  • If you want to view other quotes, hit ‘Choose a different bridge’ in the top-right of the quote field and then click on one to select it.
  • When you’re happy with the quote, click the “Confirm Bridge” button below the quote. This will call up a window which asks you to sign a message using your wallet. Follow the prompt and MetaMask will open to allow you to do so, and then proceed through to bridge your founds and that’s it!


All the requirements in this airdrop have been completed congratulations, I hope you get it and be lucky to be the winner.


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