NestedFi Confirmed Airdrop — Reach $7.5 M Raise Fund

Raised $7.5M in Series A fund $NST token is coming on Q1 2023 And we still have some time to qualify! Here is how Confirmed by Nested Discord Mod! Here is the news of $7.5M fund raise:

And here is when the $NST token is coming Q1 2023.

NestedFi is a portfolio management & social trading platform. In simple words, users can invest in crypto tokens in group. Eg. Matic, ETH, Sol in one bundle. Users’ funds are also insured on NexusMutual

How to get the $NST airdrop: Task is very simple: Just hold a >$20 portfolio on Nested.

  • Open the
  • Click on “Copy”
  • Connect Metamask and select the chain
  • Choose with which coin you want to buy
  • Confirm and done

Low Risk Coins (Polygon chain)You don’t need to copy all. Just one will work. But the more the better. And remember: Minimum amount is $20 per portfolio

Rewards on NST tokens are calculated by epoch and based on trading volume.

More details here:… After you create the portfolio, you’ll start getting the $NST reward on a regular interval. You can check it in the airdrop section.

You can withdraw the fund anytime you want. But I recommend to hold till the airdrop, so that we can get the max amount of token.


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have any question ? you can comment here or join our telegram group because we have many airdrop and testnet .



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